Port of Houston Worker Crushed To Death By Steel Beam

According to reports a worker at Port of Houston was unfortunately killed in a freak accident on Monday. It happened around 8:00 am that morning this was confirmed by officials. The  man in question was named Manuel Funez, he was a temporary driver working for Lone Star Staffing.

The incident occurred when Manuel Funez was working in the port of Houston, while he waiting by a truck to unload a vehicle. Whilst waiting he was crushed by falling steel beams from another truck according to officials an investigation has been launched.

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GDP is Held Back by Fall in Construction Output

A recent revision of figures by the Office for National Statistics ONS shows that. During the first quarter 0f 2012 that the construction output,  was actually worse then what was reported previously. In fact the actual figure has now been to revised to a contraction of 0.3 as opposed to 0.2 reported earlier on the year.

This is in despite slight recoveries in other sectors within the British economy and implementation of civil projects. Such as the Olympics and other projects such as cross rail.

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Construction In The UK To Still Decline

According to the FT.com construction will almost certainly continue its downwards spiral this year, this is based on the report given by industry forecasts. The main reason for this is spending is falling sharply on public sector projects such as schools maintenance and hospitals repairs.

Together will very little measures to boost the building sector in the recent Budget, A warning was given by the Construction Products Association saying that public sector projects will fall to around a fifth by 2011 and 2014 adding fuel to state of the British economy’s health.

This part of construction industry which equates to a third is expected to fall due to the public sector cuts. As basic repairs to schools and hospitals is reduced the CPA have said.

With many job losses expected due to the construction slowdown. However going forward on a brighter note the large super market chains J Sainbury, Waitrose, Tesco and Marks and Spencer have all announced plans to boost spending on stores in February and by 2016 infrastructure is also expected to grow mainly driven by rail and energy.

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Tata The steel Giant Announces £800m Investment Into Its Welsh Plants

According to the BBC Tata the Indian Steel giant as announced its plans to spend £800 million at  its Welsh plant in the coming five years. However an initial investment £240m has already been put forth towards the Port Talbot steel works. This was announced by first minister Carwyn Jones after the meeting with leaders of the company on his last visit to India 7 days ago. The company who employs around seven thousand five hundred people in Wales.

With £185m being spent on rebuilding the number four blast furnace located at Port Talbot, in which the initial work is scheduled to start in June 2012.

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India Trade Visit Leads to Steel Firm Tata Discussing Mining Plans With Carwyn Jones

According to the bbc.co.uk first minister Carwyn Jones is to discuss the possibility of the Indian steel giant Tata mining in South Wales for coal. When on a visit to India when he meets with the steel firms representative.

He will head a group of academics and business people on a 3 day trade trip from Wednesday. This is because Tata is examining whether it can mine  for coal near a steel plant situated near Port Talbot.

The feasibility study being conducted to see whether or not the project is viable. It is said to cost around £500m and will be expected to be  main topic on the agenda. When the meeting is being conducted by the Tata Steel’s deputy chair and Mr Jones on Friday.

If successful the project could create up to five hundred new jobs. In which the coal would be made into coke and applied in the steel.

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Ukraine, Turkey and Macedonia Faces Steel Tubes Tax Threat From The EU

According to Bloomberg News the European Union have threatened to curb competition within the EU. By imposing tariffs on steel tubes coming from Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia to help EU producers.

This was due to a probe conducted by the EU into whether the Turkish, Ukrainian and Macedonian exporters of tubes, pipes and hollow profiles. Were selling them below cost which is a common known practice known as dumping.

One of the main goods called hollow sections, which is widely used within the construction industry from ships to toys. The dumping inquiry was  caused by  complaints by a group of manufacturers within the EU which account for more than a 25% of the areas production.

Just recently in 2009 the European Union ended a threat similarly to one being proposed from goods from Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus because the complaint was withdrawn.

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Construction Leaders Says Budget Missed Opportunity For Construction

According to the construction enquirer they have stated that in the reaction to the budget last week.  that construction leaders have said the the chancellor has failed to desperately needed boost in the short term. To work within the industry which is currently facing a fall of around five percent in output. However there was welcome news on the chancellor’s measures to alleviate the burden on business by reducing taxation which was welcomed.

However there are still growing concerns that the Government has not taken seriously the problems. That the contractors are facing from dwindling orders, because spending cuts will become deeper this year. The industry leaders are saying the Budget falls are way too short in terms. Of the extra road and rail spending that is required to provide adequate infrastructure.

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Warning By Severfield States More Firms To Quit Steelwork

One of Britain’s largest steelwork contractor as put out a warning stating that the wave of company failures that had hit the sector. Has still to run its course completely. After announcing year end profits halved at six point eight million pounds on static turnover of two hundred and sixty seven million pounds this is according the Construction Enquirer. They also stated that the tough trading conditions would see a further wave of companies exit the market.

The chief executive officer of the firm Tom Haughey stated that “The UK economy remains lacklustre and the duration of the downturn is having a significant impact upon the durability of our industry competitors, several of whom exited in 2011.”

He also went on to state that the economic outlook looked uncertain for the UK market. However was encourage by their UK arm who entered 2012 with a strong order book.

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Steel Beam Is Stolen From A Suwanee Office Building

According to the North Fulton on February 23rd 2012, someone drove up in a pick up truck and stole a steel beam valued at $700 around £448. From 3851 Lakefield Court in Suwanee. This is according to Forsyth Sherriff incident report.

The surveillance video showed at 7:30 pm on  the 23rd of February 2012 a suspect who was extremely strong had driven to the front parking lot of the building and then decided to load the steel beam on his trailer then drove off.

The stolen beam was reported to be 10 ft long weighing around 350 pounds. To the best of our knowledge the suspect has not been apprehended yet.

Workers From Thamesteel Are To Lobby MPs At Parliament

In January around 350 workers were made redundant when Thamesteel went into administration. Due to the collapse of a firm based in Kent this has  now resulted in a delegation of 50 former. Thamesteel workers embanking on a journey to London in a attempt to lobby parliament.

With the aim to persuade the government to actively promote manufacturing in a attempt. To help the workers who lost their jobs to return to employment. The company based in Sheerness made the announcement two months ago that they were about to go into administration. With the government announcing that they will do their best to assist the people affected back into employment.

According to the BBC they quoted, that a spokesman for the Department of Business Innovation and skills said. This is a worrying time in relation to the Thamesteel’s workforce, families and their local communities.

With the government and Kent county Council working with Jobcentre Plus and a task force for a co-ordinated effort respectively. To help the affected people back to work.

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