Miracle At The World Trade Center

On Thursday according to the New Jersey Newsroom, a severe accident occurred at the World Trade Center site. Where a cable of crane snapped, sending a deadly shower of thousands of pounds of steel beams 40 stories down smashing through a 18-wheel truck situated below.

Mark Sherank, a 45 year old steam fitter who witness the event said [...]

ThyssenKrupp Report Stable Order Intake In Difficult Environment

ThyssenKrupp one of Germany’s largest conglomerates as reported first quarter earnings of orders €10.1 billion up 1 percent. However sales €9.9 billion was down 1 percent. This slight drop was due declining volumes in their Materials business. This was because their customers were cautious due to the economic conditions brought on by the sovereign debt crisis particularly from declining [...]

Cliffs Natural To End Joint Venture With Michigan Iron Nuggets

According to the Wall Street Journal Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. Is in the process of ending their joint venture. With Michigan iron nuggets Kobe Steel as Cliffs Natural Resources, the coal and iron-ore producer looks to concentrate on it core business.

With only 10 employees assigned to the project by Cliffs they will be redeployed within [...]

Our Steal Beam Prices Are Competitive

Over the last few months steel beam have been able to offer very competitive quotes in terms of our products. Such as rolled steel joist beams, roof beams to steel fabrications.

For instance our steel beam prices are amongst one of the most competitive within the industry. Together with our knowledge and expertise we are able to offer [...]

World Crude Steel Output Increased By Nearly 7% In 2011

In 2011 world crude steel production reached 1,527 mega tonnes (Mt) according to World Steel Association. An increase of 6.8% compared to the previous year in 2010 which is a record in terms global steel production.

This was seen by all the major steel producing countries, excluding two Japan and Spain. However growth was  significantly higher [...]

Price Hike Set By Nucor - Yamato Steel Co

Nucor – Yamato Steel Co has decided to raise its steel beam prices for February, the recently published wide-flange steel beam prices as shown. However this was already a widely anticipated move and still leaves a lot unanwered questions in terms of their ulitimate success.

The following actions as already brought up the f.o.b. mill price on [...]

Peter Doyle As Been Announced As Esmark Steel Group New President Of Ohio Operations

Esmark Steel Group have just announced the appointment of Peter Doyle a industry veteran as the new president of their Ohio operations. Doyle will based in the Groups Cleveland office and will also be accompanied by Mark Schwertner. Who has  recently been appointed as the new Executive Vice President of sales.

When the announcement was made Tom Modrowski [...]

Global Ferrous Scrap Prices Rise Last Month

According to a survey carried out by MEPS (International) Ltd, Global ferrous values were scrap in December even though they were supported by limited supplies and higher then usual end user demand.

There was however in China average quotation increases for provincials note domestic scrap traders are forecasting transaction values to stabilise in the period through [...]

Why RSJ Beams Are Used Within The Building Industry

Within the construction industry one of the most popular steel beams being used to provide support to the floors of  houses is called RSJ Beams the main reason for this is that they are durable. Meaning they can be cut to the requirements of the customer, thus providing the structural support for the building at the same [...]

Why RSJ Beams Provide Structural support

RSJ Beams otherwise known as rolled steel joist are mainly used for providing structural support to the floor of a property be it house. They are also called universal beams, structured beams and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With the option of being moulded to the customer or clients specification, which [...]