Best Steel Beam Designs For Structural Steel Buildings

In terms of a cost effective option when it comes to building a strong structure at a significantly lower cost as opposed to traditional building methods. A steel beam, using steel structural design are increasingly being applied in the construction industry and gaining in its popularity.

There are mainly two designs method used in the construction industry, called steel beam [...]

Basic Considerations For Steel Beam Designs

Here at steel beams because we know that steel beams are a extremely important factor in terms providing structural support in any building structure.  They are often made up of carbon and iron and are extremely popular in the building construction industry for its strength. They are very important for distributing loads in a building [...]

RSJ Beams

Over the years here, we always have clients ask us what does RSJ beams stands for. Well its acronym that stands for  rolled steel joist beam. It is mainly employed as a phrase by a variety of individuals  in the building and construction industry. Other abbreviations used to describe them are I beams, H beams and [...]

Steel Beams Advice On Repairs Work For Foundation

Here at steel beams London many of our clients ask us what is the best way to deal with foundation cracks and bowing walls. With these problems many home owner are facing, it seems to strike fear into them when it ought to shouldn’t.

However all is not lost today with the aid of modern building [...]

Steel Beams London Sees Changes

It is true that there is a shift, in terms of steel and metal buildings we see it  changing. In some dramatic ways mainly in design and  functionality  coupled with innovative technology, which significantly improves their ergonomic and energy efficient features.

Here at steel beams in London we have notice that today’s metal building designs are now possible [...]

What You Ought To know About Steel Beams

In terms of structural support steel beams are important for providing firm support and stability throughout any construction project. Consisting of alloy, iron and carbon composites are the main building blocks for its strengths. The application of steel has always been important in the support of a building, for  preventing sagging or buckling of a [...]

Steel Beams Surrey

You may require steel beams in Surrey in which case you will need to find a competent supplier.  Steel Beam Ltd offer a wide range of services ensuring that you are able to get your hands on the steel fabrications you need in the quickest time possible.

Small building jobs and home renovations can make full [...]

Earthquake Effects Steel Production in Japan

After the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on 11 March 2011 there has been a rise for the demand of steel in the country.  Steel is being used to provide temporary shelters, in the dump trucks for produce and also to reinforce the rail tracks.  These tracks carry the high speed trains and it is [...]

150 Years in the Steel Industry Marked by Celebration

After a worry filled twelve months the residents in Teesside were able to celebrate the historic 150 year old steel industry in style over the weekend.  Until three weeks ago the future of the blast furnace located in Redcar was uncertain.  Thanks to the deal being closed by the Thai steel company SSI seven hundred [...]

Riversdale Shareholders Tempted with New Offer

In an effort to win over the shareholders of Riversdale a new offer has been bid by Rio Tinto.  Riversdale is a huge coal miner in Australia which deals with large coking coal mines in Mozambique.  Rio has been hoping to secure the deal which they first put in place back in December 2010.

Since no [...]