ThyssenKrupp Report Stable Order Intake In Difficult Environment

ThyssenKrupp one of Germany’s largest conglomerates as reported first quarter earnings of orders €10.1 billion up 1 percent. However sales €9.9 billion was down 1 percent. This slight drop was due declining volumes in their Materials business. This was because their customers were cautious due to the economic conditions brought on by the sovereign debt crisis particularly from declining [...]

Cliffs Natural To End Joint Venture With Michigan Iron Nuggets

According to the Wall Street Journal Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. Is in the process of ending their joint venture. With Michigan iron nuggets Kobe Steel as Cliffs Natural Resources, the coal and iron-ore producer looks to concentrate on it core business.

With only 10 employees assigned to the project by Cliffs they will be redeployed within [...]

Our Steal Beam Prices Are Competitive

Over the last few months steel beam have been able to offer very competitive quotes in terms of our products. Such as rolled steel joist beams, roof beams to steel fabrications.

For instance our steel beam prices are amongst one of the most competitive within the industry. Together with our knowledge and expertise we are able to offer [...]

World Crude Steel Output Increased By Nearly 7% In 2011

In 2011 world crude steel production reached 1,527 mega tonnes (Mt) according to World Steel Association. An increase of 6.8% compared to the previous year in 2010 which is a record in terms global steel production.

This was seen by all the major steel producing countries, excluding two Japan and Spain. However growth was  significantly higher [...]

Why RSJ Beams Provide Structural support

RSJ Beams otherwise known as rolled steel joist are mainly used for providing structural support to the floor of a property be it house. They are also called universal beams, structured beams and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With the option of being moulded to the customer or clients specification, which [...]

Best Steel Beam Designs For Structural Steel Buildings

In terms of a cost effective option when it comes to building a strong structure at a significantly lower cost as opposed to traditional building methods. A steel beam, using steel structural design are increasingly being applied in the construction industry and gaining in its popularity.

There are mainly two designs method used in the construction industry, called steel beam [...]

Steel Beams London Sees Changes

It is true that there is a shift, in terms of steel and metal buildings we see it  changing. In some dramatic ways mainly in design and  functionality  coupled with innovative technology, which significantly improves their ergonomic and energy efficient features.

Here at steel beams in London we have notice that today’s metal building designs are now possible [...]

Steel Beams In London

One thing that has been tricky for many of our clients to arrange is getting hold of the best steel beams in London.  In the past they have been let down by many companies who have promised to deliver, yet failing at the last minute.  This costs time and money as failing to deliver results [...]

Steel Fabricators In London

We offer an excellent service to anyone looking for steel fabricators in London . We pride ourselves on our quality steel fabrications and are able to deliver your orders in a hurry thanks to our dedicated fleet of trucks and drivers.  We deal with all sorts of customers from small construction jobs to people working [...]

Steel Beams And RSJ Beams in Kent

Renovating your home is no easy task.  We know because we frequently deal with people in Kent and beyond who are improving their house with home extension.  We found one of the problems people faced was locating Steel Beams in Kent.  Once they found us they realised that it is possible to find the help [...]