Construction In The UK To Still Decline

According to the construction will almost certainly continue its downwards spiral this year, this is based on the report given by industry forecasts. The main reason for this is spending is falling sharply on public sector projects such as schools maintenance and hospitals repairs.

Together will very little measures to boost the building sector in the recent Budget, A warning was given by the Construction Products Association saying that public sector projects will fall to around a fifth by 2011 and 2014 adding fuel to state of the British economy’s health.

This part of construction industry which equates to a third is expected to fall due to the public sector cuts. As basic repairs to schools and hospitals is reduced the CPA have said.

With many job losses expected due to the construction slowdown. However going forward on a brighter note the large super market chains J Sainbury, Waitrose, Tesco and Marks and Spencer have all announced plans to boost spending on stores in February and by 2016 infrastructure is also expected to grow mainly driven by rail and energy.

This industry news piece was brought to you by Steel beam. A London based RSJ steel supplier.

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