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Essex / Colchester

  • RSJ Steel Beams
  • Columns
  • Steel Plates
  • Hollow Section
  • Structural Steel Columns
  • Circular Hollow Section
  • Rectangular Hollow Section
  • Square Hollow Sections
  • Flats, Rounds, Angles, & Square Angles

Steel Beams Ltd - Steel Suppliers in Colchester - The Only Steel Stockholders You'll Ever Need.

Supplying Steel beams Columns, RSJ's & Steel Angles to London and Colchester Essex

We are specialists in the supply of all steel beams to construction, trade and public. Our structural steel beams and columns can be cut to any size you specify and to engineers drawing. We also offer a fabrication service.

Delivery 24/48 hours and 4/5 days for fabricated steelwork to drawings

For plate and sheet products Steal Beams Ltd also operates a shearing and profiling service.

For bar materials we can cut to any specified length with our state of the art sawing facility.

Steel Beams, Universal Beams, Steel Plate, Hollow Section, Flats, Rounds, Squares and Angles in Colchester Essex

The most recent census figures put the population of Colchester at well over 150,000, with estimates in 2008 of more than 181,000. Colchester is reckoned to be the largest borough in the whole of Essex. Located 56 miles from London, Colchester exudes an independence and individuality that distinguishes it from London’s Essex suburbs. This may well have something to do with three unique factors: Colchester is the oldest known Roman town in Britain; it was the first capital of Roman Britain, predating London by more than 20 years; and it is believed to be the oldest town in Britain, with wonderfully preserved buildings and historic sites, and good road and rail connections to London.